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Hi stranger! Thanks for visiting my humble little journal. If you, for some unfathomable reason, like what you see and want to read more, I'd just like to inform you that (most of) my posts from August 2009 on will be Friends-only. Leave a comment on one of my Public posts if you like, and I'll add you once I deem you a nice character. Sorry about the inconvenience this change may or may not leave you with!

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Today was the last day of PCC classes. Theatre ending was actually really sad-we had a pretty big group of friends, and we're probably..not ever going to meet up ever again. Unless someone takes the initiative and throws a party. For posterity, here is the group: Daniel Kim, just graduated from Bevery Hills High School and who pops (the dance), going to attend PCC; Johnson Sung, recent graduate from Arcadia High, dresses like a gangster but is really nice, going to attend PCC; Kara Cohen, recent graduate from San Marino High, does musicals all the time and wants to go into theatre, going to attend PCC; Robert Mejia, 3rd-year at CSUN, Hondurian who's majoring in Biology(!); Molly Gallagher, recent graduate from La Canada High, has her own flat near PCC with another friend named Molly, going to attend PCC; Johnathan Rodriguez (I think), who knows Jennifer Duong from our year and smokes (random fact, sorry), going to PCC; Merrill; and myself.
I got home and took a nice long nap. :) I ended up trying to cook bagel bites for dinner (from Costco), and completely burned the first batch in the toaster oven even though I'd set it to 14 minutes just as the instructions said. My second batch (10 minutes) was a bit undercooked, and as I waited for it to cool, I ate the non-burnt part of the first. Then I ate the slightly goo-ey second. :) I'll get better at this. I'd better. I have the mother of all stomachaches right now.
Oh, then I cut myself! It's actually a lot more innocent than that sounds. I opened the refrigerator to get some milk, and a random plate just fell out and shattered! I swear I didn't even touch it-I don't even think I put it in myself. It broke, so being the genius that I am, I got on my hands and knees and started picking up shards. After one embedded itself into the heel of my foot, i realized that I wasn't wearing slippers or anything, and I couldn't find them, so I wore flip flops (smart again!) and went back to picking it up. As I transferred shards from my left hand to my right hand, I eventually had a huge handful of the stuff in my right hand; I swung it down in my haste to get to the trash can before I dropped it all again and inadvertently slashed the underside of my left arm. It's actually not huge-more like a paper cut. it's the area that the cut is in that is annoying. The stupid thing itches. I have a Band-Aid 100x the size of the cut itself residing on top of it to soothe the itch.
In other news, I have a new texting partner! His name is Willis, just graduated from Hacienda Heights. I actually met him in my AP Bio class, and then again last year we had AP Physics at Alpha. Last year he freaked out after his AP scores came out and thought he was going to be a failure, and I laughed. He's going to UCLA (eww.) this year for Biochemistry, so Melissa&WenChing should be seeing him around. And I've shared this with Nancy and Cannus already, but he dances! I realize this is probably not as surprising for you guys as it was for me because I'd only known him as this guy from my afterschool classes, but it's still worth looking at: is his userpage. I really wish I'd taken up a cool, unique habit-maybe not dancing or any sort of athletics, because I'm supremely uncoordinated and weak, but..I don't know. Something. Hopefully my new thang is going to be the guitar because I'm going to be taking the course with Donni&Hsieh(!) but that's everyone's thang. This brings my non-boyfriend constant texting partners up to three. Ahahaha. Conversations with others (COUGHBRANDONCOUGH) otherwise end with the other person flaking out and not responding (COUGHBRANDONCOUGH).

but then i realized some bigger dreams of mine.
I'm pretty stressed over the fact that both my teachers pushed their finals up a day to Wednesday, so not only do I have to find quotes and finally read the text that I was supposed to have been reading for the past 3 weeks for History, I also have to memorize 4 pages of Cecily's spiel about how she and Algernon are already engaged. Fun stuff.
I didn't have much time to do that stuff today, so naturally I didn't. Actually, that's a lie. I just had more stuff than I normally do on a weekday, so my procrastination got pushed back a couple hours and there is no longer time to study. My MRI was today. Apparently, there's now a light so it isn't dark. I kept my eyes open-I guess I'm not claustrophobic after all. Morbid memories from Final Destination 3 with the girls who burned up and died in the tanning beds kept popping into my brain, though. Probably because I was also stuck inside a tube and if the room were on fire I'd have died like that as well. The sounds were exceedingly annoying, but I humored myself with imagining Kevin's facial expressions and complaints at the repeated beeping sounds. :D Hi Kevin. Oh! They took me out of the tube and needed to do a "contrast," so they injected something intravenously in the crook of my elbow (where they usually draw blood). I was fascinated. I don't think I remember ever receiving a shot there (they're usually for the flesh, not vessels), and it didn't hurt at all! When I checked the bandaid they gave me, there was a quarter-sized blood blot. :)
Apparently, there was an emergency MRI done right before I went, so my dad and I ended up waiting an hour in the waiting room. Because I've been exceedingly exhausted for seemingly no good reason, I dozed off. After the MRI, I was fully ready to go home and take a long, long nap-but apparently my dad needed to get back to work because the stupid emergency MRI took too long. So I followed him around like a dog and took a nap in his conference room. There was a puddle of drool under me when he woke me up to leave. Yeah, attractive.
God, I don't want to do the stupid USC Honors Chem PreAssessment and "Learning Mode" crap. Nor do I want to do the Alcohol Edu thing. 
College is such a hassle. And we haven't even really begun. :(

think i know where you belong, think i know it's with me.


Hi, Angela here. Currently attempting a Biochemistry degree at the University of Southern California. Married to my phone, inseparable from my friends. Just trying to have some fun. This journal records my endeavors at making something comprehensible out of the train wreck of thoughts that is my mind.


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